Friday, 3 January 2014

wait did I actually make a blog post?!

It's only been about 4 months I blogged, but better late than never, right? Alex and I started off winter break by spending it stuck in Denver. But we finally made it to Nebraska and well... I will let the pictures explain themselves ;)

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Fall Break

Fall break was probably one of the funnest weeks I've had in a long long time.
It started on Friday night with a white out football and a glow dance...

And continued Sunday when Alex and I went to Gila, NM. 
It was kinda beautiful there... even though almost all the trails and the cliffdwellings were closed.

Closed trails didn't stop us ;)
We went and said hi to Grudgins...

and froze our feet off in the river...

and did even more hiking. 

I got home Wednesday night fifteen minutes before a certain cousin of mine arrived...
At first, Caitlin refused to talk to him, but after she realized that cousin Ben is actually not all that scary ;)

Thursday we went hiking even though it was like 578 degrees (not quite, but it was hot). And then Ben and I went to eegees because you can't come to Tucson and not have eegees ;) 

 Friday and Saturday we were at dad's... in the morning the boys went fourwheeling and then in the afternoon, we went up to the Stronghold in the Jeep and the fourwheeler... and then eventually Aaron decided to join us in his truck...

And then he left.... and we all cried for hours and ate comfort food and watched depressing movies...

And just because I miss my butt-y :) 

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Friday, 19 July 2013

recent happenings

A lot has happened since I blogged last... which was like two months ago... whoops. 

We rescued a dog from the pound at the end of May. Her name is Roxie. And she loves me the most. 

Then at the beginning of June, I started summer school, aka the worst month and a half of my life. First semester I took government, which wasn't that bad because the teacher let us watch tons of movies and made the class super fun. Second semester I took economics... and... OH MY GOSH. It's a long story. 
(anyways that's me on the last day of summer school. I was OVERJOYED)

And then there was July 4th. Which, in case you live under a rock, is Independence Day or the Fourth of July or 'Murica Day. Whatever you want to call it. I had the day of school, so I laid in bed all day and slept because I was freakishly tired. But I did eventually get up. We went to a friends house for a BBQ and then I went to the park with my best friends and watched fireworks. It was pretty much just a super great summer night.

After school ended, the little kids and I came down to my dad's house which is where I am now. Now I get to hang out and annoy the living daylights out of my older brothers muahaha. 

It's also finally monsoon season here! I live for rain, guys. Seriously nothing makes me happier than curling up with a book and watch the rain pour. 
The other day, I went outside and noticed the clouds. They were in the shape of a cross and the edges were super straight which I thought was really amazing. 

Before I went to my dad's, we had a nice rainstorm. It was perfect for running around in, so Lizzy and I went outside to run around in the rain. But then we got in trouble for not cleaning our room. So we had to go inside. ;) 

There have been some crazy storms near dad's house lately. Last week, there was a really bad one and a lot of people lost their roofs or sheds or barns. A couple of tornadoes were even spotted. A few days ago, there was another one, but not nearly as bad. It still rained a TON in a very short amount of time... which means all the roads turn into rivers! So we played in them. and we were happy. 

That is some of what has been happening. I have twenty days of summer vacation left. I'm registering for school in two weeks and starting school August 8th. 

Monday, 27 May 2013

My cousins

I finally have an afternoon where I have absolutely nothing to do... so I decided to make a blog post that isn't a 'dear boys' post. 
Two weeks ago, my gorgeous cousin Emily got married to an awesome guy named Josh in the most beautiful wedding I've ever been to. Then we went to the reception and had a bit of an adventure on the way that involved Aaron running red lights (for which he received a nice little ticket in the mail the other day) and leaving Ben and I behind. But we did make it and proceeded to take pictures because the light was awesome, eat food, and dance. or in my case, try to dance. ;) 

Ben and I. 

Timothy and I 

Timothy and Alex

Leah, Julia, and I

Trina and I

Alex, Aaron and I

Becca and I. 

And my favorite little guy... Daniel Angel. I saw him when he was barely a few days old, and he's gotten so much bigger and soo much cuter!
 I have a picture of John and Rosie but it's on a different computer so I'll ad it later. 

To my cousins... if you're reading this... I miss you guys like crazy!!!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

dear summer and boys.

dear school, 

dear school again,
just kidding. i'll be seeing you again next week in summer school. 

dear Roxie,
you're the most beautiful dog in the world. can't believe you're mine!
your favorite human.

dear sun,
tan me now. 
thank you,

dear house that I live in,
why you no have a pool?!

dear shoes,
thank you for giving me the most awkward, weirdest tan. 

dear summer,
i love you so much. 

Sunday, 24 March 2013

oh hey there, boys.

dear random hot dude in the store,
marry me? please and thank you. 


dear arizona weather,
you are so bipolar.

waiting for summer.

dear familia, 
thank you for making my birthday awesome. i love you.

the celebration isn't over. 

dear Ben, 
thank you so much for calling me! you made my day! also, i am sorry that i'm so awkward when i talk on the phone. 


dear me, 
happy fifteenth birthday. 


Wednesday, 27 February 2013

dear boys.

dear big brother, 
i can't believe you're turning 17 this week. you may be bigger and stronger than me, but i am more mature.
okay, so you're more mature, too. 
i love you to death. now come see me this weekend.

your annoying baby sister

dear twitter and facebook,


dear homework, 


dear Shawn and Supersniffer/Magic Head/Gurton Buster/Ghee Buttersnaps/Gus, 
i have waited so long to see your beautiful faces on television again. 

your biggest fans

dear all of my cuzzies in nebraska,
i cannot wait to see you.

your completely crazy cousin.

now go watch Psych. all of you. 

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

the search for jeans.

me and jeans have serious problems.
first of all, I have ridiculously short, stubby legs. You have no idea.
second of all, apparently companies don't make jeans for short, stubby-legged people.

which means, I have three pairs of jeans that fit. which means, i'm always begging to do laundry because i am always running out of jeans.

and so that was the incredibly interesting story of my short legs and my quest for the perfect pair of jeans.
you're welcome.

oh and i'm not complaining-- i am very thankful that i have the money to buy jeans and that i do have to functional legs that get me from one place to another, although i do fall  A LOT. but that's just because i'm clumsy. that's a whole different story.